Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New EMM Professional Job Description

Following the publication of your resume and cover letter for a job MDM (EMM) Professional now also publishes a job description for the same position.
  •     Do you know, what is the workload at the specified position?
  •     Which requirements are necessary for working on this job?
  •     What are the assumptions for job position?
  •     Where is job EMM Professional provided?
  •     What are typical trainings and courses for MDM Administrator staff?
More information you can find in new article on Acesta-job.info - Job Description MDM, EMM Specialist.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cover Letter Sample – MDM Administrator, EMM Professional

In response to our last article MDM Specialist, EMM Administrator – Resume, Curriculum Vitae Example, we published cover letter sample for mobile device management professionals.

  • Do you know which information is good placed to applicton letter for MDM, EMM specialists?
  • Which data is better to write to Curriculum Vitae and not to cover letter?
  • How to apply for job advertising for MDM position?

Whole article you can see on click here - Cover Letter Sample MDM Administrator, EMM Specialist.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New CV Example - MDM, EMM Specialist

We published new article on Acesta-Job.info server. It is Example of Curriculum Vitae for information technology and smart devices position, concretely Resume Example for Mobile Device Management Specialist.
  • Do you know, what is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?
  • And what about phrase Enterprise Mobile Management?
  • It is possible to manage iOS Devices (iPhones, iPADs)?
  • Who is MDM, Administrator or Specialist? 
  • What does it mean Mobile Application Management (MAM)?
  • And what about abbreviation MCM?

More information you can read in our article - MDM Specialist, EMM Administrator - Resume, Curriculum Vitae Example.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Curriculum Vitae and Paper Color

The background color or the color of the professional structured CV paper is the subject of the latest article in our counseling for job applicants. 
The article tries to answer the following questions on the issue of Curriculum Vitae (Resume): 

  • Is background color of Curriculum Vitae really important? 
  • Are there standards for Resume background color for? 
  • And what about color of paper for printed  Curriculum Vitae?
  • What color is optimal for background of CV in electronic format?
  • Can we specify the examples of unsuitable background colors in Curriculum Vitae? 

The article was published on Acesta-job.info server -Curriculum Vitae and Background Color.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Promotion or Job Change in the Same Company and Curriculum Vitae

One of most frequent questions of Curriculum Vitae (Resume) writing is problem with describing promotion or job position change in CV. Although it is a pleasant complication, but interest of job seekers is recorded clearly and intelligibly promotion to updated CV.

In new article on Acesta-job.info server we can offer the three most common variants of describing promotion or job position change in structured Curriculum Vitae.  Best option to record promotion or job position change in resume already depends on the particular situation and preference of job seekers.

For detailed information and links to sample resumes, visit the article - How to Describe Promotion or Job Position Change in CV (Resume)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Branch Manager Cover Letter Sample

As we have advised in the previous blog post, we prepared for applicant for job new article in category Cover Letter. New Cover Letter Example is directed to Sales and Customers Care Area, specifically to job position Branch Manager and answers next questions:

  • How to write Motivation Letter for job position Branch Manager?
    What is the optimal structure of a Cover Letter?
  • What are the requirements of cover letter for Branch Manager?
  • Is Application Letter free for download?
 If you want to know answers for these questions, you can see article - Cover Letter Sample Branch Manager.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Branch Manager CV Example

Branch management is very specify job activities. Applicant for job position Branch Manager need to have experiences and knowledge in various different work activities including recruitment, training and motivation of staff, marketing and sales support skills, budgeting, finance analysis and other retail and management know-how.

New Resume, Curriculum Vitae Example 2013 for job Branch Manager was published today on information server Acesta-Job.info. This CV Example is applicable for Branch Managers in different sectors - retail, banking area, information technology and telecommunications or in other services. 

All article you find here - Resume - Curriculum Vitae Example Branch Manager 2013.

In connection to this article we prepare Free Cover Letter Sample and Job Description for work position Branch Manager.